About Jaidev Education Society

Known for some pioneering work, Jaidev Education Society is a better known education societies of the region. Registered under Society's Registration act, the promoters are well known industrialists of Vidarbha. Their proven business acumen couple with rich industrial experience, serves as a perfect interface between Academy & Industries. It promoters and safeguards business interests and meets emerging needs. their presence on Industrial bodies and Consortiums can further benefit Faculty members and the Students as well.
Planning, Formulating and Implementing policies is crucial to success. And to ensure it, some highly experienced Teachers and Techno savvy experts are associated with Jaidev Education Society
Chairman Secretary
Mr. Sanjay Agrawal Mr. Ajay Agrawal
Mrs. Rekha Sanjay Agrawal   Mrs. Heena Ajay Agrawal
Mr. Shravan B. Jejani   Dr. Sanjay G. Khemuka   Dr. Anand R. Khemuka