Admission Procedure :


For Maharashtra State : -
The candidate must have passed Secondary School Certificate (SSC) Examination of Maharastra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education or equivalent examination with and in
(1) General Science or Physics and Chemistry,
(2) Elementary Mathematics or Algebra & Geometry and
(3) English with at least 50%marks in aggregate for open category and in case of backward class, at least 45% belonging to Maharashtra state. Admission Rules and Regulation will be as per the directives of The Director, Technical Education, Mumbai.
Note: - The term ‘Aggregate Marks' used here shall mean the grand total marks obtained by the candidate taken together for all subjects, whether compulsory or optional.

Domicile Certificate:
If the candidate has passed VIII, IX, and X std. from recognized school in Maharashtra State , domicile certificate is not essential.
Sons/Daughters of employees of (I) Government of India or (ii) Undertaking of Government of India shall be eligible for admission, even though such a employee is domicile in any other state or union territory, and even though candidate dose not satisfy the conditions mention in (a) above, proved that (I) such a employee has been transferred to Maharashtra within a period of two years prior to the last date of submission of application forms. And, (ii) has joined the post in Maharashtra before the last date of submission of application forms, and (iii) has not been transferred out of Maharashtra after that.
Sons /Daughter of persons domicile In Maharashtra will also be eligible for admission even if they do not satisfy the candidate mention in (a) above, provide that the candidate produces a domicile certificate in respect of his/her father /mother. In case of mother domicile certificate, the candidate shall submit an affidavit on Rs. 10 stamp, paper, stating that the parsons in whose on name the in domicile certificate is issued is the mother of candidate. The domicile certificate is issued by Government Authorities only from the state of Maharashtra such as Executives Magistrate; Sub divisional Magistrate shall be acceptable.
Note: - The Domicile certificate by choice or domicile certificate for the educational purpose shall not be considered.
For Other State: -
The candidate from outside the Maharashtra State must have pass SSC exam from instituted recognized by M.S.Board of Secondary Education, Pune, and Maharashtra with subjects:
• General Science or Physics & Chemistry.
• Mathematics or Algebra & Geometry.
• English
With individual passing in each subject by securing minimum 50% marks in aggregate for open category and any other category. Admission Rules and Regulation will be as per the directives of the director, Technical Education Mumbai.
Note: - The term ‘Aggregate Mark' used here shall mean the grand total mark obtained by candidate taken together for the entire subject, whether compulsory or optional.
* Candidate if admitted will have to submit four passport size photos at a time of paying the fees *

Eligibility Criteria for the Pass outs of XII SCIENCE WITH TECHNICAL/ VOCATIONAL SUBJECT for the direct Admission to second year Diploma Courses

Sr.No Students passing H.S.S.C. with 50% Marks for Open and 45% Marks for Reserved with following subjects Eligibility for Direct Admission to second year Diploma Course ‘E' Scheme available in J D Polytechnic
1. H.S.S.C. (Tech) with Engg. Drawing and workshop Technology All Courses: Mechanical Engg./Computer Engg./Electronics Engg. /Electrical Engg. Group/ Civil Engg.Group
2. Electrical Maintenance, (A-1) Electrical Engg. Group
3. Mechanical Maintenance, (A-2) Mechanical Engg.Group
4. Scooter & Motor Cycle servicing, (A-3) Mechanical Engg.Group
5. Electronics, (C-2) Electronics Engg/Computer Engg.Group
6. Computer Science ,(D-9) Electronics Engg/Computer Engg.Group
7. General Civil Engg. ,(A-4) Civil Engg. Group

Eligibility Criteria for the Pass outs of ITI, ATS, & MCVC Courses for Direct Admission to Second year Diploma Courses

Sr.No MSBTE's Diploma Programme Eligible ITI (CTS) courses Eligible ATS courses Eligible MCVC Courses
1. Mechanical Engineering 1. General Fitter cum mech.
2. Foundry Man.
3. Sheet Metal work.
4. Pump Operator cum Mech.
5. Machinist Grinder.
6. Fitter.
7. Turner
8. Machinist
9. Tool & Die-maker (Jigs & Fixture)
10. Tool & Die-maker (Mould & Die)
11. Mechanic Machine tool maintenance.
12. Mechanic Refrigeration Air Conditioning.
1. Foundry Man
2. Sheet Metal work.
3. Pump Operator cum Mech.
4. Machinist Grinder
5. Fitter
6. Turner
7. Machinist
8. Tool & Die-maker (Jigs & Fixture)
9. Tool & Die-maker (Mould & Die)
10. Mechanic Machine tool maintenance.
11. Mechanic Refrigeration Air Conditioning.
12. Steam Turbine Auxiliary Paint Operator.
Mechanical Technology (K4/k5/k6)
2. Electronics & communication Engg. 1. Electronics Mechanic
2. Mech. Consumer Electronics
3.Mech. cum Operator
4. Mech. Radio TV
1. Electronics Mech.
2. Mech. Radio & Radar Air Craft
3. Mechanic Television (Video)
Electronics Technology (J1/J2/J3)
3. Computer Engg. 1. Computer operator & prog. Assistant
2. Mech. Computer Hardware
3. Information Technology & Electronics System maintenance
1. Data Processing Computer software
2. Data processing operator
3. Prog. & system Administration Assistant
1. Computer Techniques (X1/X2/X3)
2. Multimedia Internet Technology
4. Electrical Engineering 1. Electrician
2. Wireman
3. Electrical Sector (COE)
1. Electrician
2. Wireman
3. Lineman
4. Auto Electrical
5. Electrical Air Craft
6. Cable Jointer
7. Electrician Mine
1. Maintenance & Repairing of domestic appliances (J4/J5/J6)
2. Repairing & Rewinding of Electric motors
5. Civil Engineering 1. Mason
2. Plumber
3. D'man Civil
4. Surveyor
5. Architectural D'man
6. Architectural Assistant
1. D'man Civil
2. Surveyor
3. Mason (Building Constructor)
4. Plumber
Building Maintenance (J7/J8/J9)