Management :

Dr. P. B. Maheshwary

Prof. S. M. Bang

Prof. N. H. Patil

Dr. P. B. Maheshwary

Dr. P. B. Maheshwary, Director

It is necessary for us to learn from others’ mistakes. You will not live long enough to make them all yourself. -
Hyman G. Rickover

Failure is the beginning of success and Mistake is the beginning of doing something correctly. Of course, it is difficult to accept, understand,and to learn from our mistakes and improve there after. Difficult, but not impossible either.Learning from others’ mistakes is quite different. It calls for keen sense of observation and maturity. And that’s what teachers are for. At JDPOLY, we see to it that students begin by learning from their own mistakes first and gradually develope the skill of learning from others - especially from their mistakes. Making it a habit, since it makes learning easier,speedier and more rewarding. Because, like success, Education too is an ongoing Journey.It is not a destination. Therefore, while we welcome new students for a richly rewarding learning opportunity, I wish our existing students a consistent journey called success in their academic pursuit in particular and life in general.

Prof. S. M. Bang, Director

You can never learn less, you can only learn more. -
R. Buckminster Fuller

That’s an undeniable fact of life. And the more we learn, more shall we evolve. Formal learning is integral to education, and education is an ongoing unending process. And since Education is Transformation, it is imperative that we maintain even pace. Therefore, besides formal learning, there are many other student centric activities to help them evolve as individuals. Because, we wish to transform our students into confident, competitive, informed professionals who are Knowledgeable and full of Wit & Wisdom. I congratulate our existing students for their progress and success,welcome fresh batch of talented students.

Prof. N. H. Patil, Director

Everybody wants to be somebody; nobody wants to grow.
-Johann von Goethe

All of us at J D Polytechnic, are committed to Genuine growth of our students. Instead of being somebody or being a copy-cat, we want all of them to evolve as distinctly different individuals in their own right. Therefore, besides imparting Engineering knowledge through structured curriculum, we pay attention to their personality development, as well as improving their Intelligence & Information quotient. Because, we know that the healthy sum-total of these aspects alone can ensure a reasonably secured place in the smart savvy competitive world. We are happy that our students are shaping up into energetic enthusiastic individuals. And we are confident that as Qualified Engineers 2 years later they will be competitive, confident, impressive engineering professionals who will be valuable assets of India. Looking back over past 2 years makes me happy. But all of us are aiming higher, with commitment to achieving more every year. While, I congratulate students, faculty members and other staff for the overall progress, I welcome fresh talent to JDPOLY, and look forward to greater success in the coming years.

Dr. P. B. Maheshwary, Principal

I believe, an educational institute is not just about bricks mortar & concrete, but about building character, enriching minds and enriching experiences, that will last for the lifetime. As life is not just a set of instructions but a series of experiences and a process of continuous learning, so is engineering. This is where JDPOLY steps in. At JDPOLY, our aim is to make students understand and learn the technical of engineering and also explore new realms of wisdom. JDPOLY is the medium and an attempt through which Jaidev Education Society desires to serve the society by providing high quality technical education.
At present we are having five branches Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics and Telecommunication, and Computer Engineering, each having intake of 60 .We also assist the students for getting good placements, by means of special workshops and sessions to develop the personality , attitude and aptitude.

JDPOLY, as a responsible institution will not spare any efforts in refining and shaping the careers of students and will religiously pursue its aim of “Education to Eternity”. We will be pleased to receive all suggestions regarding improvement of our institute.