JDP is the leading institute to promote sustainability towards environment and natural resources.

Energy Conservation Program

JDP is the leading institute to promote sustainability towards environment and natural resources. The Green Architecture of the buildings, widespread usage of recycled and reusable material across the campus makes the campus an Architectural Marvel. All the roof tiles are procured from the erstwhile Empress Mills, the first textile venture of Tata Group at Nagpur, when it was being demolished.

Sustainability JD Poly

Apart from handling syllabus based workshop modules, the workshop at JDP is busy with designing and making doors, door handles, window panes, customized dust bins, notice board etc. In-house manufacturing of the above articles adds to Eco-Friendly Quotient of JDP and endorses the pro active concern towards reduction of Carbon Footprints. Moreover, the systematic approaches have been implemented to ensure “Energy Conservation” and “Water Conservation”, energy and water are truly considered as valuable resources at JDP.

Money saved is money earned. On these lines we JDians work. The buildings are designed to ensure the constant supply of natural light and air in all the academic and administrative buildings. The specially designed roofs ensure to control the temperature during summer months which make our campus energy efficient.

Water Conservation and Recycling

Water as the precious resource is conserved meticulously by every JDians. Various sensitization initiatives are undertaken from time to time to imbibe upon the relevance of Water Conservation. The gardens are maintained with recycled water from three water bodies in the campus. The lavatory and bathroom fittings ensure the minimal usage of water.

The waste from gardens, food courts and other biodegradable waste are subject to fertilization process on regular basis. E-waste collection drive is launched once in year to collect E-Waste from students, faculties and the entire college. The college has entered into MOU with leading E-Waste Management Company for the same.